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May 13 2015

'Ms Andressen warming up Photo J Mayorga''Tech run Photo J Mayorga'
Editorial by Sheila Gardunio

It was a great evening of dance, and a joy to see all companies in LA Dance Fest. Rubans Rouges Dance presented “Coeur de Verre” a passionate audience favorite, a duet performed by Noelle Andressen and Albertossy Espinoza. Both performances at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. were flawless and moving. The technique spot on and the audience roared with cheers for the duo. It is a rare treat to see a seamless blend of dance technique and emotional drama in one piece.

What I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing that both dancers had great strength and technique. I heard Lula Washington share with them both how beautifully they did and also quick kudos from several dancers and colleagues.

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